About us.

At Body By Design, we specialize in MODERN LIPOSUCTION & WEIGHT LOSS SOLUTIONS using only award winning treatments such us, Liposuction, Breast Lift, Fat Transfer, Hybrid Tummy Tucks, Medical Weight loss, Breast Reduction, Coolsculpting, Cosmetic Treatments for Men, Vaginal Rejuventation  and many more NON-INVASIVE aesthetic treatments. Coolsculpting, Laser Liposuction, Smat Lipo, Liposonix, Fat Cavitation, Electrotherapy all aimed at TARGETED FAT LOSS and BODY SCULPTING.

We are a registered and licensed health facility under the Health Facility Monitoring and Accreditation Agency (HEFAMAA) as a Level PRIVATE HOSPITAL known as NUVAGE MEDICAL

All our treatments have no negative side effects and clients experience limited to no downtime! You’ll be in an out within no time. We excel at being the only one stop facility exclusively for aesthetic treatments to cater for all body types and goals.

At Body By Design, we believe you will find much more than just a beautiful facility in an exceptional location. Every member of our client support team is dedicated to helping make your experience an enjoyable and gratifying one. Body By Design has been repeatedly cited as one of Kenya’s top aesthetic day center. When you visit us, you will enter a world that is aesthetically Pleasing , soothing, friendly and immaculately maintained.

We are continuously researching and launching ultra-modern cosmetic procedures to keep up with a dynamic and well informed clientele. All procedures are done by registered and qualified medical personnel sensitizing on client safety and comfort.

We understand the needs of our market and have services and treatments that save most from trips abroad to access the same procedures…